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Male breast enlargement (Man boobs) is a common problem and affects millions world wide and in India. Male breasts are also known as "puffy nipples in men", "man boobs", "puffy chest", male boobs, man breasts, "gyno" or Gynecomastia.

All relevant information on Gynecomastia and its treatment is provided in the pages of this site. The information is kept to the point and in easy read format.Large Male breast (Gynecomastia) is not a disease, but it can be very embarrassing. Male breasts create psychological problems like a feeling of inferiority, fear of ridicule and loss of self esteem.

The majority of people seeking male breast surgery in India are in the age group 16-35 years. Older people who were not aware of surgical options are now seeking treatment for a permanent removal of the male breasts.

Keyhole male breast reduction is the best option in cases where it is possible, which is in about 95 % of men seeking this procedure. Keyhole surgery for Gynecomastia can effectively treat small and large male breasts, even tough glandular tissue. Only 5% of people with male breasts require a longer incision or open surgery. The availability of keyhole surgery and increased awareness about treatment for male breasts/Gynecomastia has led to a dramatic increase in the number of people opting for male breast surgery in India.

Surgery for male breasts/ Gynecomastia/puffy nipples is one of the most commonly performed Cosmetic plastic surgery in India. Male breasts create a major problem for the affected men in India, because in India for many religious functions men are required to be bare chested. Male breasts/ Gynecomastia create problems for men on other occasions like swimming, seaside/beach vacations, and sports. Most people react/ adapt by trying to avoid such situations and so feel socially "restricted".

Satisfaction rates following surgery for male breasts in India is close to 100% when performed by experts in the field. You can contact us for any specific queries or to know the treatment plan in your case.