Treatment Options

Gynecomastia can be completely cured by surgery. Keyhole surgery has now become the most popular surgery for male breasts. Keyhole gynecomastia surgery is available at very affordable price in India now

Fat component may reduce with weight loss. Gynecomastia  or male breasts consist of fat and tough glandular tissue. Medicines and exercises do not help to remove the glandular  tissue.

Most often,cosmetic surgery is the only option if you have man boobs and want them out. Gynecomastia surgery in India is best performed  by Plastic surgeons specializing in Cosmetic surgery.

Traditional Gynecomastia surgery required a rather big cut in the lower part of the nipple and removal of the breast tissue directly under the areola. This worked in some cases, but in many, it left an undesirable scar and inadequate contouring of the chest.

A combination of Liposuction and traditional surgery offered better contouring of the chest, but still left a big scar  in front of the chest. The scar fades well in people with light skin. Indians tend to have prominent scars and thus the big scar under the areola
remains very visible in most cases.

Keyhole surgery is the latest method to treat gynecomastia. Keyhole surgery results in complete chest shaping with minimal scar on the chest. This procedure combines fat and breast tissue removal through  tiny cuts on the side of the chest and under the areola. In India, minimal access male breast surgery is available in only few cosmetic surgery centers. Keyhole surgery can effectively treat most cases of male breasts- whether it is just puffy nipples or full fledged man boobs.Most male breasts treated in India belong to Gynecomastia grades 1 to 2B and these can be completely treated by keyhole surgery.

Only grade 3 Gynecomastia, where there is lot of loose skin, cannot be completely corrected by keyhole surgery. Even these cases, in young patients can undergo keyhole surgery as the first stage and depending on the need can opt for skin removal surgery later. The skin is elastic and contracts to a great extent over 4-6 months. In some cases of even Grade 3 Gynecomastia, a second surgery is not required depending on the person's need and expectations.

If the skin tone is poor and if there is lot of loose skin, an open removal of excess skin is required along with the fat and Gynecomastia tissue removal.

  • Grade 1- Keyhole male breast surgery
  • Grade 2A.- Keyhole male breast surgery
  • Grade 2 B- Keyhole male breast surgery
  • Grade 3- Young person- 2 stages- keyhole surgery first, skin excision later if required

      ( Older person- one stage open surgery for breast tissue and skin removal )

 Gynecomastia treatment is regularly performed in India at Cochin, Kerala by Dr. Hari Menon, Consultant cosmetic surgeon at Lakeshore hospital. Most cases are completely corrected by keyhole surgery with fast recovery.